Cover Letter Instructions


Please write a cover letter showing your interest in this lab. This will not only help me choose you among the best students, even if you do not qualify, it will help you to apply somewhere next time.

A well-written cover letter will typically consist of three main parts: the introduction, the body, and the closing (which ends with a compelling action or request).

The introduction: Why do you have interest in this specific lab? Ask yourself:

  • Have you read any publications from or describing the work done at this laboratory
  • Have you had any personal contact with anyone who works at this lab?

If possible, indicate why are you applying to this lab, what has motivated you?

  • Looking for the experience needed to enter the industry or the next level of graduate school
  • Having identified the laboratory through previous research (do not use this if you didn’t do the research as it may be obvious to the PI)
  • Having identified the laboratory and its research for your future career

The body: It is important to highlight your qualifications and strengths as they relate to the requirements of the position. Amplify or augment information contained in your resume (rather than merely repeating it) and include a few strengths or personal qualities.

The closing: Don’t forget to be polite, and indicate that you are looking forward to the opportunity to discuss how you can contribute to the success of the laboratory given the chance.

Don’t forget to ask someone else to proof your writing for good English – poor cover letter is an indication that the person did not bother to do that.

Good luck


Laboratory of Genomic Diversity